Starfield Optics News

July 2019 A new filter wheel design starts out on paper.   The 4 x 36mm filter wheel is being developed for the 5 x 1.25" case.  

March 2019 Markarian Optics signs on as a dealer for Starfield Optics

February 2019 Starfield hires manufactures rep Scopes Plus,  to represent Starfield Optics.

November 2018 - Starfield Optics enters into an agreement to purchase the assets of Xagyl Astro from Xagyl Communications LLC located in Ottawa Ontario.   All manufacturing is moved to Caledon Ontario.

October 2018 - Starfield Optics launches the 0.6x Reducer/Flattener and 10.x Field Flattener to the market.  

August 2018 - Starfield Optics Launches a new website.     Ontario Telescope and Accessories Inc is our new dealer.   

April 2018 - We introduce 50mm and 60mm guidescopes.  Popularity skyrockets when put into action by Trevor at Astrobackyard as it quickly became a regular piece of equipment that was used. 

November 2017 - 0.8x Reducers and related accessories are brought to the market.  In partnership with our dealers and suppliers.  Featured on

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