Starfield DH Series - Dew heaters


Dew heaters for optics

Dew heaters are a must of an imaging setup.   As the night goes on and the temperature drops towards that dew point  disaster can strike.  Prevent the formation of dew with StarField DH series dew heaters


Quality construction

With a variety of sizes available.  From 2" to 11" telescopes.  High quality construction from the Velcro strap to the silicon cables, and cold weather tested.


DSLR users don't need to carry heavy batteries with them into the field.  our 30mm (3") heater can also be purchased with a USB plug for easy use.  No controller required.

Sizes and Specifications

EAch dew heater comes with a 2m Silicon cable and RCA style plug

DH-2      15cm Dew  Heater Designed to fit 2"   eyepiece and guide scopes upto 60mm. 3w 12V 


DH-3      30cm   Dew Heater Designed to fit 3" /   80mm Telescopes 6w 12v  

DH-3U  30cm   Dew Heater USB powered. DSLR  lens. 6w 5Volt powered. USB plug.   

DH-4     40cm   Dew HeaterDesigned for 4"/ 102mm Telescopes. 8w 12V   

DH-5     50cm   Dew Heater Designed for 5" Telescopes 10w 12V   

DH-6     60cm   Dew Heater Designed for 6" Telescopes 12w 12V   

DH-8     80cm   Dew Heater Designed for 7/8" Telescopes 16w 12V   

DH-10  100cm   Dew Heater Designed for 10/11 " Telescopes 20w of power    

 The OTA size is only estimated. Please check your OTA circumference before buying.