M42 and M48 * 0.75mm extension rings



Available in M42x0.75 or M48x.75 on both sides. T2 thread extension tube with T-mount thread (M42x0.75) often found on telescopes and photographic accessories. 

The adaptors are black anodized to keep down reflections. 


  1. Astronomical T2 or M48 thread Extension Tube 
  2. Fully Aluminum anodized black 
  3. Male thread: M42*0.75mm or M48*0.75mm
  4. Female thread: M42*0.75mm or M48*0.75mm
  5. Idea to link or extend tube length of the M42*0.75 products 
  6. Length:M42 - 3mm 5mm 7mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 20mm and 30mm
  7.  Length:M48 - 5mm 10mm 20mm  30mm and 35mm

M48 to M42 T Thread adapters to match threads from some field flatteners for CCD and CMOS cameras.

Starfield 48mm and 42mm extensions
Starfield 48mm and 42mm extensions

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M42x0.75 to 1.25" Telescope Adapter and M42 threads

The M42 - 1.25"/M42 extension is perfedct for getting that extra little bit of back focus.  Used on the Starfield Guide Scope for cameras that have trouble achieving focus.    M42 threads on one end, and a compression ring with 3 screws for a secure fit.

Made out of aluminium and machined for a precise fit.